IMG_3814I spent the past 2 days with my friend Brett from Rock Foundation Cambodia. Brett Started Rock Foundation Cambodia around the same time we started Steps of Justice. The NGO has done a lot of great things for the poor, including building homes for a displaced community just outside of Phnom Penh.

A few years ago I came to Cambodia and met Mouen and his family. They lived and worked at the garbage dump village just outside of Phnom Penh. It was a brutal situation, and they only make $1- $2 a day.

A few months before I met Mouen he had fallen 20 meters (60 feet) out of a tree near his home. He was paralyzed from the waste down and almost died. While Mouen was in the hospital his wife gave birth to their baby and a short while after he got released from the hospital his baby passed away from high fever. It seemed as though everything was going wrong for this man and his family.

Last summer our friend Wade came with us to Cambodia. While here he taught Brett from Rock Foundation Cambodia how to make soap. Then, Brett taught Mouen how to make soap. He rented them a house, bought all the material and Moen started making soap.

Today Mouen makes soap for Rock Foundation Cambodia to support his family. He can’t pick garbage anymore because he is paralyzed, but he has a great job now, outside of the dump and can make good money for his family.

I can proudly say that I just bought the first 6 bars. I am also bringing a bunch home with me so that you can purchase some. If you wanna support Moen and his family hit me up and I’ll get you soap. The soap is 3 bars for $10 (plus shipping). The soap comes in coffee cream vanilla, cinnamon and jasmine, green tea and lavender n lemon grass.

To see more about the soap check out Rock Soap here. You can order through them and I will ship it or you can order through me at the below address.

Shoot me a message at

A Picture of Moen with his family, just before their baby passed away.

A Picture of Moen with his family, just before their baby passed away.

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