It is September 24, 2018, day four. I am writing a bit each day about my thoughts, motivations, ideas and dreams. Tonight, I am writing briefly on coffee, specifically my coffee. Many have asked how I make my coffee, what beans I use, and what devices I make it with. Well, here we go.

Aeropress– I have used this “the best coffee maker in the world” for the past 12 or so years, and on a regular basis. I use the inverted method, which means I turn the Aeropress upside down, put the coffee in, add water, wait for it to brew, and then turn and press. Here is how I do my ratios:

  • 17oz of water
  • Grind the beans till they are the consistency of salt
  • Add water, at 175 degrees

Hario hand grinder– This hand grinder is my favorite. I have used it almost daily for the past 7 years (I now have a Bartista burr grinder, that I love). I usually have to go around 160 times or so to make one cup. It is a lot, but it has been a part of my morning routine for years, so I don’t mind it. Also, it slows me down, and as they say, good things come to those who wait. I bring this on all my Cambodia trips.

Hario V-60– I love my V-60. I use it mostly on weekends, the odd time I use my Chemex, but mainly the V-60. It is a pour over method, which makes an amazing cup of coffee. Here is my recipe:

  • 360oz of water, 30 seconds or so off the boil
  • 22oz of coffee, ground the same as for Aeropress
  • Takes approx 2 minutes from first pour to finish

Beans– My favorite beans are, in order of amazing:

  • Cafe Vita- Cafe Del Sol blend
  • Stumptown- Hair Bender blend
  • Phil & Sabastian- The Costa Rican blend
  • Bonanza Coffee- From Berlin (Joseph, if your reading this, I would love more beans)

The App– I use a digital scale, and an app called Filtru to help me make a good cup of coffee. We measure all our other ingredient, why not coffee.

Price– The total price for this, and I mean all of this (minus the beans) is under $70, and it lasts for years.

OK, there you go. I also get some of my brewing methods from Stumptown Coffee, which is amazing.

Cheers, and enjoy your mornings.



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