It is October 4, 2018, day 12. I am writing a bit each day about my thoughts, motivations, ideas and dreams. Today, as the above picture shows, I am writing about Thirst, the new book by Scott Harrison of Charity Water. I first heard about Charity Water approx. 10 years ago, right before starting Steps of Justice. I was super compelled by the story, but more compelled by the injustice of people having to drink and bath in unclean water.

I have been to Cambodia many times, leading teams on our Steps trips. I remember one time seeing a small pond that was on the edge of the village we were working in. The pond was filthy, with garbage floating all though it. It was also the source of drinking water for the whole community. We worked with a local NGO to get clean water into this village, but it was only one of many.

Seven years ago, a group of us embarked on a 10 month Steps of Justice tour of the USA and Canada. Everywhere we went we told the story of Charity Water, and the story of Rachel, a nine year old with a birthday wish. Our daughter Emma, who was nine at the time, raised over $1000 for water projects in Africa.

Since those days, we have run many water walks, brought awareness of the water crisis, and distributed over 100 water filters in Cambodia and Haiti. This story has moved me to action in many ways, from the way they do charity, to the commitment they have to the lost and broken. Check out the link below, pick up the book and let it move you.

Thirst: A Story of Redemption, Compassion, and a Mission to Bring Clean Water to the World

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