Since quarantine began I have been running family fitness classes 2-3 days a week. I have been pursuing fitness for just over 15 months now, not because I like getting muscles (well, I kind of do), but because what I see it doing in my life and those around me who are pursuing fitness. Group fitness, specifically functional fitness, like CrossFit, produce vulnerability in people, which produces community.

This works because whey you are on the floor beside someone, trying to do your next push up, sweating and sore, it reveals a weakness. It reveals a weakness not that you are ashamed of, but that you want to overcome, without shame. When others see your weakness, or when you see theirs, it breaks down barriers and creates commonality. When this happens, I feel like I see in me, and others a place of connection, trust and community.

I have been running these family workouts, on Zoom, for the past two months, and love it. Three times a week we have 12-15 people on the screen, doing physical activity together. Kids, moms, dads all doing the same thing, and in many areas, the kids destroying the parents, which I love. I see this as a way of building strength (physically and socially) in families. I see it as a way of connection with kids and parents, and I see it as community building.

I would love to have you join us. We are on Zoom, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:30pm- 4:15. Its free, it works and its fun, well not always fun, but worth it. Email me at to get in on it.


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