Cambodia Jump-A-Thon Fundraiser

Yes, all Cambodian kids are this cute

Good morning from Phil and family. Steps of Justice, the non profit we run, seeks to serve people in a number of ways, fitness is just one of them. In June, I am preparing to lead a small team to Cambodia for a 10- day short-term mission trip to work with a few non-profits, learning, serving, and sharing the love of Jesus. As part of the mission trip, our coaches have been invited to help run a CrossFit camp in partnership with Agape International Mission (AIM).

Steps of Justice has been leading teams to Cambodia for over 11 years. These trips are to learn, serve, and partner with different non profits and organizations who are making a difference in people’s lives by serving the most vulnerable populations of Cambodia. We have not been back to Cambodia since before COVID, so we are so excited to return in a few months.

Time in Cambodia

While in Cambodia our coaches, along with a few others, will be running a three-day CrossFit camp, similar to the one we will be running here the week before. We will train local kids and youth in the community in fitness and nutrition. The camp will be held at The Lords Gym. More information about the gym where we will be serving can be found here, The Lords Gym. We are trying to raise money for the trip and the camp, and we have come up with a great idea, which involves our local community and your kids and teens.

Our teen program in Kalispell. Currently, we are serving approx. 80 kids and teens

During the month of April, we are running an old fashioned Jump-A-Thon to raise funds for the trip. Here is how it will work. Your kids will get people to pledge to give money for each jump rope they do in the month of April. It can be $.10 or $.50 a jump, and they can cap how much they give at any amount. Our goal is to raise $4000 in the month of April, 100% of which will go towards the trip. We will be talking to your kids about it over the next week or so, and getting them information and sponsor sheets, like the one attached to this email. 

We will get you to sign off each week for accountability on how many jump ropes they do. They can ask friends, family, teachers or even us coaches to donate to the Jump-A-Thon. We will have a running tally at the gym too, so that the kids can see how much is being raised, and how much work they have done. Each athlete who gets 10 sponsors, and at least $100 in pledges will receive a shirt from the camp in Cambodia.

If you are interested in helping with this, Abby and Eliza are both jumping rope to raise money for this trip. I am attaching the information here, let me know if you are wanting to help. 206-550-2594 or


Campaign Pledge Sheet

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