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It is September 29, 2018, day eight of sharing. I am writing a bit each day about my thoughts, motivations, ideas and dreams. Today I am writing about refugees, specifically ones that I have relationships with. As some of you know, I started meeting refugee families in San Diego just over two years ago. Before that, I had seen images of refugees on the news that were both heartbreaking and overwhelming, like the image here of Alan Kurdi. Alan was three when he lost his life . He was on a boat to safety, a boat that came under heavy waves moments after it left Turkeys shores in August 2015. This image haunted me for a long time, and still does today. Its an image that motivates me to action, and motivates me to empathy.

It was one year later that I met my first Syrian family. I was asked to drive a few boy’s from a nearby city to a “Welcome to San Diego” party that some of us were throwing for the Syrian community. I had butterflies in my stomach when I pulled up to the apartment where these Syrian families were staying. They hopped into my car, put on some Arabic pop music and off we went. We headed to the beach in San Diego where we were throwing the party, over 100 Syrians attended.

Since then I have met many Syrian families. I now have Syrian uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters. We have celebrated together, camped together, had emotional conversations together and grown in strong relationship. It has been an honor to have these Syrian brothers and sisters in my life, one that I see as a gift to me from God.

Three times a month my family and I meet with a small group of Syrian boys and a few people that volunteer with me. We are currently going through the fruits of the spirit that Jesus taught about in Matthew. We have short times of conversation, followed by times of fun, food and a bit of craziness. I am committed to these boy’s, and their families. I have learned so much from them, and hopefully they learn bit from me as well. This youth group is more than just a few people who hang out, It is a representation of equality and Gods heart. Male, female, brown, white, Irish/Canadian, American and Syrian all in relationship with each other. The reason we hang out is simple, its to create a safe space that these boy’s can be themselves, and have adults in their lives (other than their parents or teachers) who care for them and are committed to their success.

Some of you asked how you can be involved, well to be honest we need your financial support. Each week costs approx. $60. We meet three times a week, so that is around $175 a month. Would you be willing to sponsor a month of our gatherings? This goes towards gas, food, events (We went to their first ever movie in the USA last week), birthday gifts, and parties. You can give through Steps of Justice, the non-profit I run. If you can’t do a month, could you sponsor a week? We won’t send you pictures, we won’t put your name on our shirt (we still need to make youth group shirts, if you know of a good designer), but we will have an amazing time, and you will be participating in that for sure.

Alright, thanks for taking some time to read today. Have a great rest of your weekend, and feel free to share this.


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It is September 28, 2018, day seven. I am writing a bit each day about my thoughts, motivations, ideas and dreams. Today, I want to share about the art of saying sorry. It’s not just a Canadian thing, I truly believe it’s a God thing. James 1:19 in the Bible say’s “let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak , slow to anger…” I also believe we should be quick to say sorry.

Empathy is putting yourself in another shoes, feeling for them, hurting with them, standing with them. When someone is hurting, the word sorry can ease a lot of their pain. Saying sorry for something you did, intentionally or accidentally. Saying sorry for something that you had nothing to do with, or saying sorry just because there are no other words that can ease someones pain.

Saying sorry is not a form of weakness, I believe it is actually a sign of strength and humility. If we truly are created equal by God, both male and female, then we should be caring for people and walking in a place of humility towards one another, not pride. Saying sorry is a huge part of that.

I try to be quick to say sorry. I am quick to say sorry when I get overly frustrated with my kids, when I see one of my friends, or family in emotional or physical pain, or even when I bump into someone accidentally. It defuses intense and potentially dangerous situations, heals friendships and mends broken relationships. That one word of “sorry” has more power than we know. We need to use it more, more often than the words “its your fault” or even the act of silence.


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It is September 26, 2018, day six. I am writing a bit each day about my thoughts, motivations, ideas and dreams. Today I want to share a bit about morning routine, specifically my routine since its what I know. I am not a morning person, at least I wasn’t before I had a good morning routine. I have a great wife and three amazing daughters. I love spending time with them, but I also love time alone. I have found that the only time I have alone is either at night before bed, or in the morning before everyone wakes up. Amy stays up late, so the night is out, which leaves the morning.

Disclamer, my morning routine is going to seem tame in comparison to Mark Wahlbergs, so just judge me, haha. My alarm on my phone goes off at 5:15, and my Fitbit goes off at 5:20. I aim to get my feet on the ground by 5:30, but usually Im up by 5:40. I used to make coffee first thing, but for the past few days I have been doing that later. I go downstairs, light some candles and spend about 15 minutes or so in silent prayer, falling in and out of sleep. Then, I read about 5 or 6 chapters in the Bible, currently reading through Matthew, or I go though the Celtic Daily Prayer, which I have been doing for the past 12 years.  After that, it is usually 6:30, and the sun is starting to show. I make some coffee, see post here, and try to get things sorted for the day, including going over some to do list items, checking email and cruising through some news and social media stuff.

I love how quiet and still it is in the morning. It is a discipline to get up, but one that I find very rewarding. I need more disciplines in my life, and this is one that is very tangible and measurable. I don’t always get some mind-blowing word, sometimes I just pray, read and drink coffee, but its my routine and I love it. I also only do this Monday through Friday, as Saturday and Sunday are great day’s to sleep in.

If you have a good morning routine, I would love to hear it, regardless of what it is. Its always good to learn from each other.


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It is September 22, 2018, day two. I am writing a bit each day about my thoughts, motivations, ideas and dreams. Early on this year, back in February, Amy and I began talking about moving to a different house. Not a bigger house, but one that would accommodate out lifestyle more. We wanted two things, a home school space and an extra bedroom. Amy homeschools our kids, so a homeschool space was good for two reasons:

  1. To keep her sane.
  2. To help make school a great experience for our kids.

The reason we wanted an extra room is because we highly value hospitality. Since July we have had five groups over to our house, four of whom stayed at our house. We love hosting, cooking, eating, and celebrating with others, its a part of who we are, and how we have been taught. Hospitality is one of YWAM’s values, and as its cleary shown in the Bible, one of Jesus values too. I was reading “The Gospel Comes With A House Key” by Rosaria Butterfield and was blown away by how important hospitality is to our faith (link below).

We have an extra bedroom so people can come and rest, celebrate, grieve, sleep, eat and find peace. Currently we have a friend staying with us for three weeks who is in the midst of a terrible season. We pray that our home would be a place of rest and refreshing for her. Is it cheap to live this way, No. Is it inconvenient at times, yes (when we have people stay with us, our kids move out of their rooms and bunk together, or sleep with us). We trusted God for this place, as it was more expensive than our last place, but when we decided to go forward with it, the money came in. Its amazing how God provides with we trust and lean into His word.

Below are some pictures of our friends/family who have been a blessing to us and our home over the past few months. Also, here is the link to The Gospel Comes With A House Key.





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It is September 21, 2018, day one. Writing a bit each day about my thoughts, motivations, ideas and dreams. I have been a member of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for the past 25 years, oh man, thats a long time. When I was a kid, like 10 or 11, I wanted to be a missionary, someone who gave their lives to those who did not yet know Jesus. I pursued this passionately, through the way I lived my life, where I attended school and the career I chose with YWAM.

Fast forward a bunch of years, and I find myself here, in 2018. I am 46, a husband of 20 years and the father three pretty amazing daughters. I am also living the dream that I had when I was 10. In my mind I thought I would be living this dream on the other side of the world, but I am living my dream here, in Classy San Diego. I live in a 1st world country, I drink great coffee, I are not poor (our family actually have two shoe strings that we can tie together) and we speak English. Yet, I am living the life I dreamed of.

I live in San Diego, and everywhere I look I find people who do not know Jesus. I struggled a lot, at different times, with not living in a foreign country, but then I come back to the fact that even though I am in the USA, there are people here from all over the world that I would never have relationship with if I lived somewhere else.

My closest friends here are Syrian, Kurdish and Mexican (with a sprinkle of white folks). I have learned so much about culture, faith, Jesus and the world though these relationships. I am also humbled that I have had the opportunity to teach my friends (those who are new to this country) so much about life in the USA and culture. In return, my friends have taught me about faith, hospitality, and freedom. I am not the person who stands on a box and preaches the good news in a small village (which is amazing), but I am one who tries to develope deep, meaningful relationships with those who are different than me, showing them the way of Jesus by the way I live my life, and how I love them. It is very organic, very relational (I am learning from others and others are learning from me) and exists without expectation or condition. It feels like a dream, maybe the dream that I had over 35 years ago.

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