Emma’s African Fundraiser

Hey this is Emma Cunningham. I am writing you because I am doing a fundraiser for Africa in June. I wanted to see if you would be interested in being a part of it.

Here are three reasons that I am doing this fundraiser:

  1. 1 billion people in the world don’t have access to clean water. Most of these people live in Africa.
  2. So that people in Africa can be happier, healthier and educated.
  3. Because I feel like God is calling me to help.

Here is how it is going to work:

  • My dad is going to Cambodia in June. He is going to buy bracelets made by women who have been rescued from slavery.
  • I am going to sell the bracelets and will donate all the profit to Charity Water.
  • Charity Water uses 100% of  that money to drill and fix wells in Africa.

Here is what I am asking from you:

  1. Would you be willing to buy a bracelet from me? They are selling for $5, including shipping.
  2. Would you please share this with your friends to see if they would like to buy a bracelet.
  3. Please let me know by the end of May if you would like to help and if so how many bracelets would you like. (you can email me at emmaleahcunningham@gmail.com)
  4. To sent money and get your life giving bracelet please go to the Steps of Justice site and give through the PayPal account. Please share that it is for bracelets and how many bracelets you would like. They are $5 per bracelet. Or you can send checkes to:
             Steps of Justice 2106 N. 88th  Seattle, WA, 98103 *write bracelets in the subject line
 The bracelets will be mailed the beginning of July.

Thanks for your support .

Love, Emma

the above picture is Emma teaching on water and poverty in a New Jersey Church.



Thanks for all of you who have given and committed to give towards Emmas bracelet project. As of today you have bought over  150 bracelets and we have raised $745 profit, after purchasing the bracelets and getting mail outs for wells with Charity Water. I am super proud of my little girl and get excited every day when we look at who has purchased bracelets and how much money is coming in. Once again, thanks thanks thanks.

The bracelets were made in Cambodia by parents of vulnerable children in surrounding communities. They were employed by Friends International.


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