Last week we messaged people regarding Giving Tuesday and the Syrian refugee party we are helping with on December 8. We are so pleased to let you know that all the money has come in for this event, over $3000.

Even thought the Christmas event is fully funded, we have another ask from you this Giving Tuesday.  #GivingTuesday is the day that America (and Canada) shows our generosity, the day that we support the organizations and volunteers that are working to make a difference around the world.

As Steps of Justice, we have set an ambitious goal to raise $8000 by the end of the day today and we need your help to get us there. Would you consider joining with us today with a one time, or monthly gift in partnership with us?

We need help to continue funding the work we do with Steps of Justice. Your gifts go towards serving the poor and the vulnerable in the USA and internationally. Your support goes towards homes for the poor in Cambodia, kids programs in at risk villages, the youth group events we run with our Syrian refugee friends and projects that we are working on throughout the year. Giving to these things makes the work we do happen. Would you consider making an impact this holiday season by giving $50, $75 or $100 here.

Your gift can and will make a difference today in the lives of the poor and vulnerable right here in the USA and abroad. We see the call of Jesus being to love others out of our love for Him, and this is what we are trying to do each day as a ministry. Learn how, get involved, and partner with Steps of Justice.

Thank you so much for partnering with us on #GivingTuesday 2018!

Phil and Amy Cunningham,

Steps of Justice

Give by midnight at Steps of Justice



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Our family has a cat, her name is Makana, which means gift in Hawaiian. I am not a cat guy, at least I don’t think I am, but I am a dad and my kids wanted a cat, so that’s what we got one. Makana has been with us for about two years, and we really dig her. She and I have a thing, and it starts are 5:15am, almost every morning. She comes up to the bed, meows and waits till I get up. If I am not up in a few minutes, she meows again. This event continues to repeat itself until I have my feet on the ground.

Makana leads me downstairs to the cupboard where he food is. Even if her bowl is full, she won’t leave me alone until I put something in there. Then, I open the cat door and she goes outside after she is finished first breakfast. I used to find this annoying, but lately I see it as a gift. My cat is a living alarm, with a built in snooze mechanism. She wakes me up like clockwork, and pauses to give me a few more minutes before waking me again. She used to climb on the bed and smack me in the face, but I think I pushed her off me too many times, and so now she just sits across from the bed, meowing till I get up.

The other day she woke me up at 5:29, like 30 seconds before my alarm went off, amazing. So, I guess I am a bit of a cat guy, but only from 5:30am till 5:45.




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Happy Thanksgiving. I was up earl this morning, mainly because I am old and can’t sleep in. I never thought I’d get to this point in my life, one where I couldn’t sleep past 6:30, ugh. So, in my repetitive routine, I read some of the Psalms, got up, made some coffee and did some writing and reading on the couch. Thinking now about the things that I am thankful for, and the things I will be celebrating today. They are simple really and in some ways they are the things I take for granted every day. Here is my Thankful list:

  • Family- My family is a gift to me, one that I know I take for granted often, but they have saved me in so many ways. Also, the family I grew up with. Although we live in three different countries, I love that we are family.
  • Faith- I am so thankful for my faith, my faith in Jesus as God. A faith that daily inspires me, gives me hope and the freedom to be who I am.
  • Friends- I have friends all over the world, and not jus accountancies, but people who really know me.
  • My personality- God gifted me with being adaptable, easy going, empathetic and with a quick wit, I love that.
  • Provision- Our family has worked with a non-profit (YWAM and Steps of Justice) for the past 24 years. We have never not had daily provision, and have seen miracle upon miracle of God taking care of our everyday needs and wants.
  • Airplanes- Thank you Wright Brothers for this. I love travel and Cambodia is a long walk from here.
  • My work- The school I am at, and the work that I do is life giving, inspiring and truly a gift from Jesus.

And the stuff I get to do and be apart of every day, I am so thankful for these simple things:

  • Books
  • Music
  • Laughter
  • Tears
  • Brooklyn 99
  • The cat, coffee p
  • Peanut butter
  • Heath and exercise
  • Candles
  • Wool Socks
  • Laughter

Take some time today to remember what gifts you have in your life, even the ones that are not the most pleasant, but help you grow and mature. We all have plenty to grumble about, but let’s take today to be thankful.

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It is October 13, 2018, day 21. I am writing a bit each day about my thoughts, motivations, ideas and dreams.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder in which time people have recurring, unwanted thoughts, ideas or sensations (obsessions) that make them feel driven to do something repetitively (compulsions). The repetitive behaviors, such as hand washing, checking on things or cleaning, can significantly interfere with a person’s daily activities and social interactions (Source).

This is the first time I have looked up this definition. Here’s the thing, I get paranoid that If I don’t do something right away, it is not going to get done. I think this is the reason I get so much accomplished, but its also not the healthiest way to live. I always clean up before going to bed, as I like things in order when I wake up at 6am. If a phone call needs to be made, I make it immediately, even if I don’t know all the details of why I am calling. I can’t walk by a piece of paper on the ground without picking it up, cause If I don’t, who will?

Im always thinking about what needs to get done next, not resting or taking break. Whenever I do break, I think about all the things that I should be doing. As I write this, I realize how unhealthy it is. I don’t like spending money, cause I am afraid that no more money will come back in, even though money always does, and has come back in. When the check engine light comes on in the car, I assume its the worst. If I sleep in, I feel like the rest of the day is going to derail. OK, now I truly am talking crazy, but its revealing something to me that I need to deal with.

I realize things need to change, or I will drive myself and my family completely crazy. Admitting your issues is for sure a part of the victory. I am committing to slowing down, trusting more, and stressing less. I love getting things done, and I know that will not change, I just need to stop being so crazy about it.


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It is October 12, 2018, day 20. I am writing a bit each day about my thoughts, motivations, ideas and dreams.

Home, I am not even sure where that is anymore, but I do know that I have left it a lot over the past 23 years. Lately I have been longing for home, longing to go back to it, but not knowing where it is. Earlier this year I was flying back from Cambodia when the thought of home came into my head and heart. I The longing for home was stronger than it has ever been. I was walking through the airport on my layover and so wanted to go home, but couldn’t figure out where that was. Home to me, and my family, is where the people are who are closest to us. Home is mom and dad in Canada. Home is friends and God parents in Seattle. Home is our community in Hawaii, where we lived for three years. The only place that doesn’t feel like home right now is where we currently live.

Today I was reading in the Celtic Daily Prayer, and here is what it said:

Whatever the reason, many of the early Christian Celts shared the desire to travel. in contrast to the red martyrdom of givings one’s life up for Christ, or the green martyrdom of participating in severe penitential practices, they faced the white martyrdom of living years far from home and hearth for the sake of the gospel. The Celts had a specific word, hiraeth, for the extreme yearning for home associated with this latter form of martyrdom; because of their deep love of family. It was considered the hardest of all to endure. Beginning with St. Patrick, Celtic missionaries chose this way of life our of deep devotion to Christ. Edward Sellner, Wisdom of the Celtic Saints.

This passage rings deep with my longing to go home. It rings deep with where I am currently at in feeling like I am not home. I know that this is where we are supposed to be in our journey right now, but it is not easy. The above passage puts words to my situation, which helps a lot.

Dallas Willard says, “Obedience is an essential outcome of Christian spiritual formation.” This is how I continually try to live, in obedience to Him and his prompting on my life. It is not always easy, in fact it is filled with hardship and difficulty, but my family and I will continue to walk in obedience to Christ, until He calls us home.

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