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Hey Lars here. My good friend Phil asked me to post something on his weekly Justice Friday page. I’m honored to be asked and hope that I my post is worth reading. First a little background. I have been doing youth ministry for the last 15 years. Most of that time I have worked in large evangelical conservative denominational churches. Probably worth mentioning that they have also been very white and very wealthy. I only say this so as you read you see the perspective that I am coming from. It’s important for you to know too that I have a huge heart for missions but that I tend to come at missions more from the perspective of how will missions change the students that I take on trips.

Phil and I met years ago on a trip that I took students on to Seattle. It was one of the first trips that YWAM Seattle hosted and we had a good time interacting because it seemed we had similar hearts. Over the years I have had great opportunities to be on several trips with Phil and he has become one of my closest friends.So here’s some thoughts from me.

I just got back from a trip to Bolivia on Monday night. It was a trip with a couple of purposes. 1. To build relationships with one of our Highland Park Presbyterian Missionaries. 2. To do a work project with my youth staff. 3. To bond as a youth staff and work through some of our junk. It was a great trip and all of those things happened. Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and also has one of the more volatile (or at least constantly changing) political landscapes. It seems that every couple of years there is a new president and a new party in charge. Well in the midst of new changes to the Bolivian government they are in the process of rewriting their constitution. This is where the issue of “Justice” comes into this post.

I don’t know the exact details but apparently during this process the World Bank has gotten involved and in order for Bolivia to remain in good standing and get the necessary financial backing it needs they have had to make some concessions as they rewrite their constitution. The problem with a rewrite though is that inevitably the people in power during the writing are those who are going to get their particular way while those outside of power will have to just deal with the changes. The World Bank issue in particular is opening up the door for same sex marriages as well as lowering the protection that children currently have against abuse. <p>Granted the issue happening in Bolivia is not close to the tragedy which just happened in China or Myamar but it is still heavy on my heart. I guess Justice to me is just that, I don’t like it when unfair things happen to people. This whole constitutional rewrite is just unfair to people and justice is not happening.

So what can I do about it. I mentioned the churches I have been involved in only for the reason that when the people/kids at my church tend to “get it” they are sometimes able to actually be involved in helping change happen. Often their parents are involved in something that leads to being helpful in this situation. Funny enough we were involved with a school and a church plant in Bolivia made up of many of the same types of kids and parents. At one point I had lunch next to a student who’s uncle used to be the President. Anyways like most of my writing this post ends without much resolution. Typically I am not the type of person who likes neat endings with 3 points of application that will enact change. In most of these justice issues the answer is not 3 steps but prayer. I’m praying for Bolivia and those who are rewriting the constitution. I’m praying against sin and honestly hoping that change will happen. But, I’m also aware that we may just be called to respond as believers when the new constitution goes into affect and may just have to deal with it. That’s it. For more posts from me you can always check out my blog.

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