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20111116-085734.jpg In July of this year Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in Norway. Today he is on trial for the injustice that he brought upon many many families and an entire nation.

My initial response is to say “it is so sad that he did that , what a psycho.” Although this may be an understandable response we need to ask the question “does this response actually do anything or does it just make us feel good for knowing that we still have a conscience?”

I really think if we are going to respond at all, if we are going to share our opinion or our vote then it needs to be followed up with action. In this case, for most of us who are not directly connected with the situation let me suggest that action be one of prayer. Thinking about something is an initial step, but it needs follow up. Take your thoughts and turn them into something that helps others, turn them into prayers.

Take a moment today, or right now to pray for Anders heart. Pray that he comes to the realization of what he has done. Pray for repentance and that salvation would come to this young, disturbed man. Also, pray for the people of Norway that have been wrecked over this situation, family, friends, etc. Then, if you know anyone in Norway that was effected by this tragedy send them a note letting the know that they are not forgotten by you. It will bring some hope in a time of tragedy.

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