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crossdownToday is Good Friday. My hope is that I wouldn’t just see today as another day, but would look to the cross and realize what it cost this man Jesus to get to Resurrection Sunday. The road to the cross was not an easy one, it was one filled with pain, heart break, tears of blood, betrayal, mockery and denial. That Friday was the sacrifice that Jesus made so that we could be free. Jesus willingly went to the cross, like a lamb before the slaughter. He had no control over the resurrection, that was all God. The event that Jesus had control over and chose to walk into out of His love for God and obedience to the father was the cross. Take some time today to read and reflect on Mark 14-15

Today I was reading and came again to the section where it talks about Joseph of Arimathea, and how he asked Pilat for the body of Jesus. The part that stood out is vs. 43 where it say’s “he was also himself looking for the kingdom of God.” This is so beautiful. All others ran from him, those who had followed him for years turned and betrayed Him, but then this man, a member of the council who was not a follower of Jesus, but was just looking for the kingdom of God stepped in and boldly took the body of Jesus to rest.

Where are you at today in your belief in Jesus? Are you a follower of Him, are you searching for the Kingdom? Jesus today is waiting for you, wherever you are at. If you are searching, know that He can be found. Know that he died for you and accepts you where you are at right now. It is beautiful that you are searching for the Kingdom of God, know that it can be found and it is found in Jesus.

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