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churchToday I went to worship at Birch Hills Lutheran Church. When I got into the building there were only 7 people there, including the pastor. Needless to say I was a bit nervous and anxious to get out of there as I thought it was going to be super awkward and boring. This church is my wife’s mom and dads home church, so we come here each time we are back in Canada. A few minutes before the service began 3 more people walked in, so with our family there was a total of 15 people there.

To clarify, I am writing this post because my anxiety about the service being boring was way off. Actually, I was super moved by this small group of Christ followers who gathered together for 1 hour today. I was moved because they didn’t care that there were only 15 people, they were there because they were committed to the church and to Jesus.

At one point during the service, I believe it was just before communion, I felt fully overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed as Jesus showed me that It doesn’t matter how many people come to your service, it doesn’t matter how flashy it is, it only matters that Jesus is worshiped. This my friends is life changing. I am thankful for my time this morning with the few. God really did use it to change my life.


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Today I posted on TwitterThank you for leading me in worship but please don’t tell me what posture I need to take while worshipping Jesus.” I just wanted to take a bit to explain what I meant. I love worshipping Jesus, I am a follower of Him and it is a part of my lifestyle.

On Sunday mornings our church gathers to worship Jesus together. I love those gatherings where we hear from the Word and take time to respond through worship, communion and the giving of tithes. Today I found myself a bit frustrated in our weekly gathering. The worship team was leading us and at one point one of them asked all of us to raise our hands and not just stand there passively. He told us that we need to respond to the words that they were singing “I’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned In awe of the one who gave it all, I’ll stand my soul Lord to you surrender all I am is yours.” I love this song and I fully agree with the theology and the words, but I don’t take in literally that I have to stand up and raise my hands while I am singing. Today when the leader told us to do this I kind of felt bullied.

I stood there thinking “I need to do this so that people won’t think that I am being rebellious. I need to do this cause he told me to and if I don’t then he may feel bad, or even worse call me out on it.” All I wanted to do was worship God with the posture that I felt like being in, hands in my pockets, eyes closed and confessing with my mouth and believing in heart that Jesus is good and God. I realized today my own sin and rebelliousness, but also that in the church we sometimes lead people to respond in a way that works with us, not necessarily in a way that God commands.

I don’t mean to be harsh, I was just thinking about it and didn’t want to tweet something random and out there without explanation. Thoughts?


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