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These past couple of weeks I have been reading The Gospel Comes with a House Key: Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post-Christian World by Rosaria Butterfield. I am not pounding through this book, I am just taking my time and soaking it all in. Rosaria is writing about the way that I want to live, but have yet to get the courage up to dive all in. The book is inspiring, as is Rosaria’s story, courage and convictions.

As a YWAM staff, I have been around good hospitality all over the world, but this book is different, it is talking about hospitality to my friends, my neighbors and the stranger. I have also learned a lot about hospitality from my Syrian friends over the past two years. I see the importance of hospitality, bringing people into your home and loving them as a brother or sister.

One of the sections of the book that is sticking with me is where Rosaria talks about being a guest and a host. She talks about how we are never just guests, and we are never just hosts, we need to be both. When we go to a persons house for dinner, as a guest, and there is still work to be done to get the food ready, we become the host, jump in, and help cook. When we go to church, we sit and learn, as guests, and we give our tithes and help with childcare, as hosts. This is such an important life hack for sure.

I recommend picking up this treasure, it will fill you with faith, hope, and love, in a time where our nation is full of doubt, fear and hate.

The Gospel Comes With A House Key- Amazon.

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On Saturday January 2, 2015 Hawaii Aloha (a boat with YWAM Ships) capsized off the Kona coast. 5 crew were on the vessel, four of them made it to shore, but my friend and co-worker Aaron did not survive. Who is Aaron? Below is a quote from his sisters blog that shares beautifully who he is.

“Aaron’s impact on us is huge. That fearlessness, living everyday to the fullest, loving those around you, and I mean ANYONE around you. Not just the people you already care about… He shows us that it’s never too late to change. He may have only lived 24 years, but he lived, ferociously, through more struggle, triumph, transformation, rejection, love, loss and adventure than most people ever will. His story and how he spent these last few years will have an everlasting affect on anyone that knew him, especially my family. We knew he was special, and he was finally so happy. If there was ever a time to go out, it’s at the top of your game, when you’re at peace with everything, and completely accepting of the fact that you have no control. You just need to let go. Four people survived and Aaron may not have, that’s exactly how he would’ve wanted it. If he did go, he went out smiling and euphoric knowing that he was not alone.”

I was thinking about my life the other day. Usually when I see a 24 year old I think “thank God I don’t have to go back there.” With Aaron it was different though. I would see his life and think “man, I would love a do over, his life inspires me to charge hard.” This my friends is what we all should aspire to, being that person that moves others and challenges others to live more fully.

Aaron was someone who loved God and loved others (the two greatest commandments). He loved others with all he had. This is why he worked with YWAM Ships, because he wanted to serve the isolated communities in the Pacific Islands. He was someone who did justice, who cared enough to go, and ultimately gave his life for what he believed. I pray that his life moves my life to be lived more fully and intentionally.

Thank you Aaron, you are missed my friend.

To read more on Aaron and receive updates please go here and sign up to receive updates.


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brunchToday is Palm Sunday. I remember this day as a kid growing up. Our mom and dad would take us to a hotel restaurant before church. It would be one of those hotel’s with a pool and water-slide so it was warm, humid and had artificial palm trees and sometimes even real ones. I remember having toast, eggs, bacon and watching kids slide and swim. Then we would head back outside in the freezing temperatures and drive to Church where there were even more fake palm trees, but no water-slides. I am not sure why this memory sticks out to me so much, but its like I am still there in my mind. I can smell the smells, feel the humidity and imaging sitting around the table with my mom, dad and sister. It is beautiful.

Today is a day where we celebrate our savior, Jesus. Its a day where we look at Matthew 21 and see people worshipping Jesus as he rolled into town on an ass. Typical of Jesus to come in the most unlikely way to show what the kingdom of God was like. Its a day of remembering, and a day of coming together as family/friends/community to worship him together. Today we had one of those days.

In 11 days we are running a Justice focussed DTS with a YWAM Ships and Steps of Justice partnership. 12 students and 6 staff from 7 countries will be journeying together for the next 5 months to learn what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus and to walk in His call to ‘do justice.’ This morning our staff all gathered for brunch. It was an amazing time where we read the Palm Sunday story, had good food together and hung out after and talked. This is what community looks like. Caring for one another, learning and growing in the word and good food. I am excited about journeying with these staff/friends over the next few months. I pray for many more gatherings where we can eat, pray, read, cry, laugh, love and care for each other.

Happy Palm Sunday friends.

excuse the spelling and punctuation, just writing my thoughts here. 

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